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General Areas of Interest:

  • Biological wastewater and water treatment

  • Microbial ecology of wastewater and water treatment systems

  • Wastewater-based epidemiology for monitoring human pathogens

  • Environmental synthetic biology

  • Resource recovery from wastewater (energy, water, nutrients, chemicals)

  • Sustainability assessments to guide design and implementation of treatment and recovery systems​


Wastewater-Based Epidemiology

The Stadler lab works closely with the Houston Health Department in order to monitor multiple viral targets on a weekly basis across treatment plants, schools, shelters, nursing homes, and lift stations.​

Visit our Wastewater Monitoring page for more information.

Fecal shedding V2.png

Environmental Synthetic Biology

Developing solutions to environmental challenges such as climate change, sustainable management of natural resources, provision of clean water, and reduction of pollution.

Current Projects:

  • Developing biosensors for measuring horizontal gene transfer in situ

  • Microbiome engineering for bioremediation and resource recovery

env syn bio.png

Fate of Antibiotic Resistance in Resource

Recovery Processes

Resistance to commonly used antibiotics is an issue potentially caused by widespread use of antibiotics for maintaining human health and improving food production. Antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) are associated with this resistance and their fate in water resource recovery facilities is an important area of research.


Current Projects:

  • Assessing treatment strategies to reduce exposures to antibiotic resistant microorganisms and genes


Integrated Water Management

Combining biological, mechanical, operational, and chemical components for the development of effective water treatment methodologies.

​Current Projects:

  • Developing quantitative modeling tools for design and performance assessment of integrated water management systems


Resource Recovery from Food Waste

Waste streams are becoming important sources for energy and resource recovery. Organic wastes and residues are potential resources that can be utilized to supply chemicals, nutrients, and fuels needed by mankind.

Current Projects:

  • Valorizing food waste organics via conversion to high value chemicals

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